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Part 2: Should we Send the Azure Machine Learning Model to Market? »

  Dec 7, 2016

The previous post concentrated on deciding if a categorical Machine Learning model should be released for production...

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Azure Machine Learning

Should We Send the Azure Machine Learning Model to Market? »

  Dec 5, 2016

The life cycle of a machine learning (ML) model can be as familiar as a software development project or an engineering...

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Chess and Machine Learning

Exploring the Long Tail with Analytics and Machine Learning »

  Nov 2, 2016

Computers and Chess The game of chess is a big factor in the development of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning...

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Machine Learning – How big should your data be? »

  Mar 29, 2016

 “The guy with the most data wins.”  ​– Tim O’Reilly, Founder, O’Reilly Media.    “Every...

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azure machine learning

Demand Forecasting using Machine Learning »

  Oct 26, 2015

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asset monitoring

7 Reasons Machine Learning is Here to Stay »

  Sep 22, 2015

What’s the big deal about Machine Learning? It’s riding high on Gartner’s hype cycle. It’s in all the trade...

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azure machine learning

Demand Forecasting using Azure Machine Learning »

  Aug 3, 2015

Classic Dilemma A daunting problem for any business that carries and sells a physical product is understanding...

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azure machine learning

Predicting the Costs of Azure Machine Learning »

  Mar 4, 2015

Many avoid predictive analytics programs because the capital investment needed just to find out if you can benefit...

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azure ML

The Allure of Azure Machine Learning »

  Feb 16, 2015

If you liked Analysis Services Data Mining . . . Colby Ford’s white paper, The Allure of Machine Learning, documents...

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IoT, Machine Learning, Analytics, Digital Business (Home) »

  Feb 3, 2015

Advanced Analytics Enable your employees and stakeholders to analyze your business and customer data. LEARN...

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The ROI of Machine Learning »

  Oct 23, 2014

Assuming you are data rich but information poor, machine learning could be a good investment, but not all machine...

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Train, Hire or Partner? Do you really need a Data Scientist? »

  Sep 2, 2016

“The only thing that is constant is change.” That’s from Greek philosopher Heraclitus about  2500 years...

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