“The solution is so effective that ABT can now offer its customers a 30 percent savings on power costs.”
~Ken Fearn, ABT’s President, CEO and Mariner Customer [Read the Full Story]


Your job is manufacturing the best product you can at the lowest cost in the most appropriate timeframe, all the while taking into consideration your customers, suppliers, employees and assets. With Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning technologies we can help you better engage with your customers, empower your employees, optimize your operations and transform your products. In fact, check out this 2-minute video and see how manufacturers are solving business problems with these technologies.


Manufacturing - Connected Products

At the heart of a digital business is the need to support innovation and develop new customer value. Using IoT, and with the power of data, automation and analytics, your product driven company can take advantage of the technologies to help drive product modernization. Let us assist in kicking off your transformation by connecting disparate systems, devices and sensors, allowing you to get a bigger picture of your products and the customers that use them.

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Manufacturing - Remote Monitoring

What if both your factory assets as well as those in out-of-the-way locations were connected through the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT) and could provide data to you in real time? Take your journey to the next phase with remote monitoring and management. Set up internal and external devices to trigger alerts, diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other processes to help can reduce downtime and maintenance costs, by giving technicians the opportunity to fix it right the first time. We can help you create the best value for your organization and your customers.

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Manufacturing - Predictive Maintenance

Many are used to reviewing historical information to make decisions about today. But digital masters anticipate their needs by moving toward real-time predictive management and outperforming their competitors. Stay one step ahead of equipment failure by using technology to predict and strategically plan maintenance needs, fine tune processes, and even create new business models like ABT did. We’re here to help you think it through and execute the details.

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Manufacturing - Connected Factory

Continue the path to Digital Transformation by having your backoffice, factory floor, machinery, and production lines all connected. Using inexpensive sensors, SCADA, HMI or MES to gather data and then applying advanced analytics to deliver value, we can help you improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Reducing unplanned downtime and increasing production time will ultimately improve your bottom line.

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