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We’re on a mission to help manufacturers reduce their cost of quality. Explore our AI-powered solutions to get you there with enhanced defect detection, assembly verification, and more.

Total Cost of Quality is an Evergreen Manufacturing Problem

Manufacturers spend as much as 40% of their annual revenue
producing defective products

the equivalent of
two days a week.

Allowing defects to escape the factory damages customer relations and the brand, and leads to costly rejects or returns, while overcontrolling for defects internally leads to high labor, scrap, and rework costs. The pernicious problem of defect detection was supposed to be solved by machine vision inspection, but in many instances machine vision systems are not up to the task.

Help Manufacturers reduce cost of quality

Manufacturers like Vitro and Sage Automotive and others trust Mariner to help them lower their cost of quality by providing the knowledge and the tools needed to improve defect detection, eliminate false rejects and pseudo-defects, and properly verify complicated custom assemblies.

Our data scientists, engineers, and customer success teams have years of experience in manufacturing, and we bring that experience to bear when helping you reduce your total cost of quality.

Powerful Tools for Manufacturers to Reduce Their Cost of Quality

Mariner uses Deep Learning AI to put powerful, simple, and effective detection technology in your hands.

Spyglass Visual Inspection
Eliminates false rejects and pseudo-defects and makes machine vision inspection systems perform like manufacturers thought they would when they purchased them.
Spyglass Assembly verification

Ingests BoMs, engineering drawings, and parts specs to generate an understanding of what a complicated assembly should look like – and then watches the article on the line to make sure that assembly is correct at each station.

Our 30-Day Proof of Value Shows You Your Path to Cost Reduction

Microsoft estimates that close to 30% of manufacturing IoT proofs of concept fail because the value was unclear.

During our free 30-Day Proof of Value, our data scientists will use your own images of products and defects to build an AI model and show you up front how much better Spyglass Visual Inspection performs than your current machine vision system.

With our free Proof of Value, you’ll never have to worry that the value of SVI is unclear – because we show it to you beforehand.

Find Out Why We’re Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year for IoT

Each year there is only one Microsoft Partner of the Year per category. In an important category like IoT, the competition is fierce – and that’s why Mariner is extremely proud to be Microsoft’s 2020 Partner of the Year for IoT. We earned that distinction by giving manufacturers best-in-class defect detection solutions like Spyglass Visual Inspection that:

Dramatically improve detect detection
Eliminate pseudo-defects & false rejects
Group (1)
reduce scrap & rework
Group (2)
lower human inspection costs
Process Improvement specialist
Sage Automotive Interiors

“There’s just like a million benefits, honestly, to having a map of every roll of fabric we have that shows us where every defect is… and trust that it will only stop on the true defects. It is increasing efficiency, production rates and quality and standards within the plant.”