Mariner’s History, the Mariner Team, and the Mariner Mission:

Who we are, and why we spend our days helping manufacturers

The Mariner Mission: Reducing Manufacturers’ Cost of Quality

We spend every day figuring out how to better help manufacturers reduce their total cost of quality. That happens for our Spyglass Visual Inspection (SVI) and Spyglass Assembly Verification (SAV) customers, who are saving millions of dollars annually on their quality costs, but it doesn’t stop there:

Continual Improvement:

Our product team continually roadmaps and develops our products to be constantly better, and our data scientists are always working on ways to make the machine learning, Deep Learning, and AI that power our solutions even better.

Customer Success:

Our Customer Success team is at the heart of it all, ensuring that all customer needs are met and that we’re truly doing everything we can to reduce our customers’ cost of quality.

Why do we do it?:

Because years of experience in the manufacturing sector have shone a very bright light on quality costs, as well as ways in which we can reduce those costs. But we didn’t start out this way.

Mariner Company Background

We pivoted to our Deep Learning solutions in 2019, so it’s fair to think of us as semi-startup, if you will. But our company has operated continuously since 1998, when we launched as a software vendor providing primarily data warehousing solutions.

Since our founding, we have worked hard to positively affect the bottom line for our customers, and so our pivot to Deep Learning, defect detection, and our SVI and SAV solutions is as much of a sharpened focus as it is a pivot. We are an Intel IoT Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and Microsoft’s 2020 Global Partner of the Year in IoT.

Phil Morris

CEO & Co-Founder

Phil is responsible for defining and executing the business strategy and strategic alliances for Mariner. Phil has spent 25 years in manufacturing information technology responsible for both administrative and factory floor systems.

Joseph Guy

CPO, COO & Co-Founder

Joe leads all business operations, product development, implementation, and support for Mariner. Joe has been an IT entrepreneur and practitioner for over 20 years managing the business and consulting operations across account management, solution delivery, and customer service.

Peter Darragh

EVP Product Engineering

Peter defines and executes the product roadmap for Mariner. Peter has over 30 years’ experience designing and implementing IT solutions across many industries. That experience includes over 15 years in data warehousing and analytics, 5 years in IoT and 3 years in Machine Learning.

David Dewhirst

VP of Marketing

David heads up the marketing team at Mariner and oversees all aspects of marketing strategy, executions, and communications. He has 10 years of marketing experience in the IoT and IIoT space, and his thinking on IoT has been published in Experfy, IoT for All, and more. 

Robbie Jones

Director of Customer Success

Robbie heads up the Customer Success team at Mariner and oversees all aspects of implementations, support, and data science services. He has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing space with a focus on using technology to improve business productivity and quality.


David Golembiewski

Manufacturing Solutions Sales

David leads Sales of our Deep Learning AI solutions to help manufacturers reduce their cost of quality. David is a successful enterprise solutions sales leader, most recently at startups selling Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to automakers and global manufacturers to help them improve their internal operations.