Azure Machine Learning for Working Capital Reduction

Azure Machine Learning for Working Capital Reduction

The Perils of Demand Forecasting

In a perfect world, companies would be able to accurately forecast demand, knowing that they will sell a certain number of widgets over a given period and respond by having just that number on hand, and having none leftover.  But things don’t always work out that way . . . until now.

Using Machine Learning to Reduce Working Capital

By employing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, we can better forecast how much of each product will be needed in the future. Additionally, with better forecasting, a company can reduce the amount of excess stock on hand, thereby reducing the working capital or money tied up unnecessarily in potentially unneeded items.

Looking for a real life example of Azure ML? Download the whitepaper today!

Read our white paper to learn how you can reduce
working capital and improve the accuracy of
your demand forecasts with machine learning.

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