ABT Launches Predictive Maintenance App from Mariner

IIBA Building Business Capability

Announcing the Launch of Predictive Maintenance System

At the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference sponsored by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in Florida today, ABT Power Management announced the launch of their predictive maintenance application, called Remote Auto Asset Management System (RAAMS) co-developed by ABT and Mariner, using Sparkling Logic’s next generation decision management product, SMARTS.

Digital Business In Action: Predictive Maintenance

The RAAMS application is an example of digital business, combining the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) (data from devices and sensors), with the cloud and analytics to drive compliance, repair, and maintenance decisions. This process is also known as predictive maintenance (PdM).

Mike Shemancik, ABT Power Management
Mike Shemancik

In his presentation, The Power of Smarter Decisions, ABT CIO Mike Shemancik reveals how the vision of automating maintenance decisions and kicking off workflows automatically became a reality. “Previously, our engineers and account managers would review reports based on this sensor data to monitor utilization and prioritize servicing and repair work,” Mike said. “Now, we have achieved near real time analysis of this data and are able to respond immediately to conditions that need attention. SMARTS’ interface is easy and intuitive enough to allow our engineering staff to create and maintain the rules themselves.”

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Condition-based maintenance
From Vision to Reality: Remote Auto Asset Management Systems

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