Data Management

Data Governance, Data Quality and ISO 8000 »

  Aug 1, 2013

Want to know more about data governance? There is an institute for that with a jolly useful framework that is free. Want...Read More →

Architectural Considerations when Democratizing Data – Part 1 »

  Jul 19, 2013

When I see the phrase “democratizing data,” I think of ad-hoc. Do it yourself. Or from a more practical...Read More →

The Cycle of Locking Up Data and Liberating Data »

  Jun 13, 2013

15 years ago the buzz in the business intelligence and data warehousing world was ad hoc reporting – let end...Read More →

The Analysis Connection – Beyond the Data »

  Apr 24, 2013

Joe ShrewsburyMariner Consultant & Trainer In my many interactions with Power Pivot clients, there always seems...Read More →

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