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In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled, “What Every CEO Needs to Know About the Cloud,” Andrew McAfee writes:

In 2010 an IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs worldwide revealed a troubling gap: Close to 80% of them believed their environment would grow much more complex in the coming years, but fewer than half thought their companies were well equipped to deal with this shift.

So much has been invested over the past two decades in IT infrastructure and software, yet over half the CEOs surveyed have little faith in their own company to keep up with the growing complexity of their business.

What caused this gap in confidence?

More importantly, what remedies exist to help companies move forward with confidence to tackle tomorrow’s complex issues?

One of the answers may be in the Clouds.

Cloud-based analytic solutions can help prepare your company for the future. A few of the advantages of these solutions are cost savings on hardware, software licenses, and the maintenance time involved in keeping system components up to date and operational.

Security is another reason to move to the Cloud. The initial worries that off-premise systems would be less secure are baseless.  The security of Cloud systems are centralized and can be updated much more easily than an enterprise-wide system with multiple installations.

Most importantly, by moving to the Cloud, you’ll profit from the flexibility of use. Your heretofore disparate data streams will now converge to create an information power base you could only have imagined just a few short years ago. You’ll gain more flexibility to develop applications, scale up or down with shifts in strategy and staff,  avoid reporting bottlenecks and  view your company in a fresh new light.

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