CHARLOTTE EVENT: How AI is Transforming Manufacturing 1-8-2020

In Person Event

How AI is Transforming Manufacturing

January 8, 2020
8:30 am – 1:00 pm

Microsoft Campus
8050 Microsoft Way
Charlotte, NC  28273


Who Should Attend?
This free business-oriented event is intended for leaders 
in engineering, quality and operations from manufacturing organizations 

Be the Change Agent!

If you are like many manufacturers, you’ve nearly exhausted the savings to be had from modern process improvement methods. To tap into any significant savings, you have to up your game by applying advanced analytic method to the terabytes of data available on the factory floor. Whether you call it AI, machine learning, or deep learning, applied properly, this technology has the ability to make you the agent of change.

Join us on January 8th to learn how several manufacturers have achieved strong business outcomes for their digital transformation initiatives by:

  • Improving customer value with production insights provided by machine learning
  • Using production line telemetry to reduce operational expense and improve OEE
  • Applying deep learning to improve the accuracy of your machine vision quality inspection systems

Hosted at Microsoft, you and your industry peers will have a unique opportunity to see these capabilities in action and hear stories of transformation success with other manufacturing companies, Mariner and Microsoft industry leaders.

We look forward to seeing you there!

About the Speaker:
Stephen Welch is VP of Data Science at Mariner, where he leads a team developing deep-learning based solutions for manufacturing applications. Prior to working with Mariner, Stephen was VP of Machine Learning at Autonomous Fusion, an Atlanta-based autonomous driving startup, where Stephen lead the design, development, and deployment of machine learning algorithms for autonomous driving.

Stephen has extensive experience training and deploying machine learning models across a wide variety of domains, including an on-board crash detection algorithm that is now deployed in over 1M vehicles as part of the Verizon Hum product. Stephen strives to not just develop strong technology, but to explain and communicate results in clear and accessible ways – as an adjunct professor at UNCC, Stephen teaches a 60+ person graduate level class in machine learning and computer vision.

Stephen is also the author of the educational YouTube channel Welch Labs, which has earned 200k+ subscribers and 10M+ views. Stephen holds 10+ US patents, and engineering degrees from Georgia Tech and UC Berkeley.



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Theresa Cromie

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