Digital Business – The Wave and The Tsunami

In 2013, we started turning our attention and  skills toward helping our mid-market customers become digital businesses. Going beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics, we have been designing, developing and executing digital business strategies, taking our customers to the next level – often way ahead of their competitors.

The Digital Business Wave

Invariably, we have all experienced digital business, whether requesting an Uber cab or streaming a movie on Netflix.  But that is in the B2C world. What about B2B? As Forrester Analyst, John McCarthy said in his recent webinar, Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda, if B2C is the earthquake, B2B is the tsunami that follows.

The Tsunami: Are you ready?

Craig Halasz
Craig Halasz

If you are ready to move toward building your digital business strategy, you should take a look at this 2-part blog post written by my colleague, Craig Halasz, one of our Data Analytics consultants at Mariner.  In the first segment, he provides a conceptual overview of digital business.  In the second, he goes into detail about how sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) are used as key component of many digital business strategies.

As Nigel Fenwick, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester wrote in his article, Digital Business: Here are four key takeaways for CIOs, “Using digital to create customer-perceived improvements in value will separate the digital predators from their digital prey.”

Which will you be?



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