The future of Information Management: Big Data Analytic DW

Big Data Analytic Decision Warehouse anyone?

Data warehousing (DW), decision management (DM), analytics, and business process management (BPM) have been around for a while. Other closely related disciplines like business activity monitoring (BAM), complex event processing (CEP), and master data management (MDM) have also made meaningful contributions to the enterprise. However, there is a disconnect – a lack of coherence between all these disciplines and that is problematic.

Practitioners within each discipline have acted independently, within their own bubbles. Cross pollination exists but in limited ways. Like every other industry, I think the world of data and information management is ripe for convergence. There is so much overlap between the aforementioned areas that such convergence is inevitable.

It can be argued that vendors like IBM and TIBCO are quite far along in terms of having an integrated stack. But enterprise deployments using their tools are still siloed. That said, IBM’s Watson is a great example of what’s possible with convergence. 

I am, however, not thinking of something quite so grand. I also don’t claim to have come up with a Grand Unified Theory of everything.  I just want a unified solution framework, which combines these technologies into a coherent system. A new supply chain for data, if you will.

Yawn. Who needs another framework, you say?

Let me clarify. Stringing together these technologies into a complex system for the sake technology is not really what makes this interesting or even my goal.

It’s the emergent behavior of the new system that is fascinating and holds promise. These emergent capabilities will reduce costs and provide competitive advantage.

So what exactly are emergent capabilities?

Think of it like a semi-autonomous automobile but for the enterprise. This system gives the organization a memory (data warehouse), foresight (predictive analytics) and decision making capabilities (decision management).

For starters, we are combining the fields of data warehousing , advanced analytics and decision management. If you are interested in collaborating or receiving the fruits of our labor, please contact us or read more on our website.


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