IIoT Solutions: Build vs Buy? Why do you have to choose?

September 10, 2018 | Phil Morris | CEO & Co-Founder

If you have a problem that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can solve, you’re probably wrestling with the Build-versus-Buy dilemma. Do you buy an IoT solution and accept the solution you buy for the long term, both bad and good? A purchased solution is often difficult or impossible to customize exactly the way you would like. Or, do you build an Internet of Things (IoT) solution in-house and accept the cost, complexity, and development risks? Not only must you consider cost which typically includes multiple, expensive team members tied up for upwards to a year, you must also consider the savings lost by delaying the benefits of the solution while you build it.

Build? Buy? Why do you have to make a choice? What if you could buy a platform that serves either purpose. That’s what we set out to create when we designed and built Spyglass.

Buy Your IIoT Solution

If you’ve decided to buy your IIoT solution, Spyglass is a great choice for a turnkey solution. It collects your data, analyzes trends, issues and opportunities based on your business rules, and alerts you when emergent conditions occur so you can take action. In less than 15 days, you can be monitoring your production line data in real-time. Our team at Spyglass will:

  • Work closely with your Operational Technology staff to deploy Spyglass in your sites
  • Connect your SCADA historian, PLCs, and intelligent sensors
  • Provision Spyglass in your Microsoft Azure environment – you always keep your own data
  • Provide support and customization service

When you buy Spyglass, you can implement fast and take advantage of product enhancements with minimal change management needed or additional burden for your IT teams.

Build Your IIoT Solution

If you’ve decided you would like to build your IIoT solution, Spyglass is still a great choice. When you adopt Spyglass, you get a head start on your analytics, data visualizations and data science experiments because Spyglass has ingested your data and prepared it for you. Blow through your IIoT project timelines because you are using Spyglass to get a massive head start. Our team at Spyglass will:

  • Provide Spyglass architecture and implementation documentation and will work with you to plan and deliver training for your IT team
  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with your IT and OT teams to deploy Spyglass in your sites
  • Provide additional training to your staff on how to support, extend and customize Spyglass to become your own customized IIoT platform

When you build on Spyglass, you can deliver an IIoT solution to operations that is proven, flexible and maintainable by your staff in 15 days or less. Spyglass is delivered with all of the Edge/Gateway and Cloud resources you need to support, maintain, extend and customize your solutions.

Whether you want to build your own IoT solutions or buy a ready-built solution, Spyglass is a choice that will meet your requirements today and adapt to future needs. If you’d like to chat about how Spyglass can be your fastest time to value in an IoT solution, contact us

We created Spyglass to enable manufacturers to fast track their digital transformation – one factory at a time. Whether buying or building on Spyglass, you can avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality, and balance production by starting small, thinking big, and going fast. To learn more, contact us.


Phil Morris | CEO & Co-Founder

Phil is responsible for defining and executing the business strategy and strategic alliances for Mariner. Phil has spent 25 years in manufacturing information technology responsible for both administrative and factory floor systems.