Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing – Sales Intelligence

One of our clients is a manufacturing company that uses innovation and technology to effectively lead and compete globally in the automotive industry. Recently, Mariner helped them leverage data to support decisions made in their sales proposal process.

Their industry is unique in that educated buyers have sophisticated processes that help them understand specifications and expected costs for components that will be produced 18 months, or more, in the future. Because of specifications and should-cost analysis, their customers expect very competitive proposals from suppliers.

Leveraging data for competitive proposals

Our customer wanted to leverage data, both from their systems and from industry sources, to analyze their competitive proposals. They also wanted to reduce the risks associated with costs and quantity changes over time. Mariner worked with our client to develop a technology solution that would help them rapidly make decisions about commitments for delivery of future products. The application:

  • Configures historical data
  • Compares it with most recent costs and bills of materials
  • Analyzes market data about expectations for their customer’s future global industry sales
  • Provides a “current thinking” analysis for sales and finance to use when preparing proposals and negotiating orders

Current thinking analytics reduce manual efforts,  so proposals that once took several weeks,  now take only a few hours.

“Million dollar” difference

The objective of this technology solution is to help their sales and finance departments better forecast expected profit margins for orders beyond the current year. The sales leaders expect that this sales intelligence system will make a “million dollar” difference and enable them to compete more aggressively.

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