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Time for IoTAfter spending 14 years selling advanced assembly systems and customized ergonomic handling solutions to the manufacturing industry, I decided to make a change and join the team at Mariner.  I wanted to continue my focus on the core manufacturing vertical but with more direct involvement in the “high-tech” implementations developing within the industry.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) or Industrie 4.0 is the new shop floor where machines, tools, conveyors, safety sensors, robots, and humans work together to improve processes and streamline operations. The Industrial IoT will optimize production, increase quality and safety while also lowering production costs and unplanned downtime – all with minimal IT involvement.


The best “Continuous Improvement,” “Kaizen,” “Lean,” “Operational Excellence” and “Six Sigma” teams can achieve remarkable advancements within their facilities by focusing on data. Yet data alone is not the answer; the key is operationalizing the data into an actionable format. Many facilities are collecting millions of data points but are they using it to improve processes? Modern assembly systems and programmable tools store and archive data from each and every fastener they tighten. Yet very few facilities using these systems do anything with their data.  Think about the possibilities of:

  • An angle-wrench becoming more and more accurate after each and every rundown
  • An assembly line knowing it should speed up due to the “sensing” of significant idle time.
  • Sensors reporting higher than average humidity in a plant and the chemical mixture adjusts automatically to maintain quality standards.Industrial IoT
  • The parameters on the welding robot’s arm can be set so that when it reaches the out of specification warning stage, a notification is automatically sent to the maintenance team lead. Predictive maintenance can now allow repairs to fit your production rather than production being a slave to unplanned downtime.

With IIoT, this is all possible and being implemented in facilities now. With proper data usage and machine learning, existing tools and equipment can become more accurate and productive.

If you would like to learn more about IIoT and are not sure where to start,  Mariner’s Quick Start Workshop serves as a resource to facilitate discussions and to identify areas with the highest potential ROI benefit from IoT solutions. If you have an idea but need the evidence and a business case, then our Proof of Value can help you qualify the project. Finally, if you have a problem and are ready to implement a solution, we can assist in operationalizing your IoT solution.

Prefer to just sit down and talk it through first?  Feel free to shoot me a mail.  I would be happy to chat.

Robbie Jones

Robbie Jones

Business Development Manager at Mariner
Robbie Jones is a Business Development Manager at Mariner, with a background in selling solutions and services to the manufacturing sector. Robbie is customer focused and strives to build strong partnerships with customers. He enjoys solving customers’ problems using Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and IIoT. Outside of work, Robbie enjoys golfing, fishing and also cooking a variety of dishes, especially seafood.
Robbie Jones

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