Key Points from Microsoft Inspire 2017

As a first timer at Microsoft Inspire (formerly known as Worldwide Partner Conference – WPC), you can’t help but be in awe of what is going on in the industry and the amazing partner ecosystem that has grown over the years.  It’s also very overwhelming but incredibly exciting to be in the middle of it all; to see new updates and programs that will help the partners but ultimately benefit the customers. When I think back to the week and all that was said, there are 3 areas of focus that we, here at Mariner, took away:

1. Industry Focus:

It is very clear Microsoft has listened to their customers. Businesses want subject matter experts that can assist them with their business problems. The software and tools Microsoft offers are excellent, but customers want to know how it will solve their business challenges and produce better results. For instance, There is increasing demand for better visualization into how the business is functioning and now Industry Solution Experts can explain how IOT Remote Monitoring and/or <link” style=”color: #c6930a”>PowerBI can surface key metrics and meet this need. With key personnel having industry specific knowledge, Microsoft will be able to better serve the Financial Service, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Education, and Healthcare verticals with much greater focus.

2. Solution Focus:

Much like the vertical industry focus described above, Microsoft is responding to customers’ needs by creating four distinct categories of solutions.  What’s great is that all of this is wrapped up in the entire effort of Digital Transformation.

The consolidation into these specific solutions allows subject matter experts to have a laser focus on their solution area. Once again, providing more dedicated expertise to benefit the customer.

3. One Commercial Partner:

This again shows Microsoft’s focus. Partners are a key differentiator for Microsoft in the technology world. The Partner Network that Microsoft has developed over the years is second to none. By employing a new Build-with, Go-To-Market, and Sell-with approach, Microsoft has further emphasized their commitment to their Partners. By providing partners with the Industry and Solution focus described above, we are able to further enhance our offerings and speak directly to the business needs of our customers.

Customers will now have a true collaborating team of Microsoft specialists and Partner executives understanding their individual needs. This new alignment offers customers the most comprehensive level of experienced support and is unparalleled in the industry. It looks like many sunny days ahead for the Azure Cloud.

You can get the full story from Satya Nadella from Microsoft Inspire here.

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Robbie Jones

Robbie Jones

Business Development Manager at Mariner
Robbie Jones is a Business Development Manager at Mariner, with a background in selling solutions and services to the manufacturing sector. Robbie is customer focused and strives to build strong partnerships with customers. He enjoys solving customers’ problems using Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and IIoT. Outside of work, Robbie enjoys golfing, fishing and also cooking a variety of dishes, especially seafood.
Robbie Jones

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