Microsoft Azure and Intel IoT Join Forces

March 01, 2021 | Mariner

Intel and Microsoft have formed a partnership and have launched a joint website to support their collaboration and inform customers on its benefits.

They are working together to deliver intelligent, highly scalable IoT products and services without unnecessary complexity. This collaboration supports a fast-growing ecosystem of more than two dozen partners who offer a range of end-to-end solutions for specific industries and use cases. The goal is to help their growing ecosystem of IoT partners bring ever-advancing innovation and insights to customers, allowing them to make improvements to their business, increase operational efficiency, and create new revenue streams.

Mariner is using edge-to-cloud IoT technology from Intel and Microsoft to enhance customer experiences and tackle new challenges with secure, scalable solutions. Click on the Mariner solution below to find out about how these intelligent tools can create better business outcomes in any industry with production lines.

Mariner is Microsoft’s 2020 Worldwide IoT Partner of the year and member of Intel’s IoT Solutions Alliance.  Mariner's Spyglass Visual Inspection is also marketplace ready with Microsoft and Intel.

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Spyglass Visual Inspection solution on The Intelligent Edge.