June 14, 2022 | Mariner


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 North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit

We had a terrific time at NAMES 2022 - April 25-27th!  It was awesome to meet so many great people and hear their stories.


As the North American manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, companies face constant pressure to adapt and grow in a competitive global marketplace. An ongoing commitment to improving productivity, performance, delivery, quality, compliance, environmental footprint, and customer satisfaction is the new normal. Understanding the unique solutions other manufacturers develop to universal challenges has never been more important.

The North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit brings together the “who’s who” of manufacturing executives, cutting-edge technology providers and media partners for North America’s premier manufacturing event.

The Mariner crew was there to talk about our innovative solution, Spyglass Visual Inspection (SVI). We demo'd how it works to identify false rejects on Sage Automotive’s headliner production lines and how they saved on their cost of quality - $2M annually. Running on powerful Intel Xeon processors and Microsoft Azure, SVI requires no rip and replace and utilizes existing vision system camera images. Don’t have a vision system? Ask us how we can set you up with an integrator to get you started on your Industry 4.0 journey!  Weren't able to attend, but would like to learn more?  Contact us!

A factory tour was also scheduled at the MxD center.  We were excited to announce that we have a live demo set-up with a mini conveyor belt showcasing our Spyglass Visual Inspection solution!

MxD Demo Booth



NAMES 2022 Booth #28
Westin Chicago North Shore
Wheeling, IL
April 25-27, 2022