OEE and Spyglass - A Primer for Manufacturing CFOs

May 23, 2019 | Mariner

“I know you believe this can really help my company, but why exactly?”

Last Thanksgiving, I was having a conversation over the holiday dinner table with my brother-in-law. Inevitably, their conversation turned to business. My brother-in-law is a CFO at a midsized manufacturer, and he was intrigued by Spyglass and how IoT and OEE analytics could improve financial performance. The conversation led to an extended email exchange and, eventually, this article which we are pleased to share with you: “OEE and Spyglass - A Primer for Manufacturing CFOs”.

In this document, you will find answers to these questions:

  • What is OEE?
  • How does Spyglass help me improve OEE?
  • What about IoT, AI and Machine Learning?  These technologies are all over the news.  How do they come in to play?
  • I’m worried that my internal I.T. team may not have the expertise yet to manage an application like Spyglass. What needs to be in place “expert-wise” in order to get this going?
  • Is there more I should know?

A great document every manufacturing CFO should read.

This post was authored by Mark Adelhelm