Operational BI: How to do it right

In recent years, “Operational BI”,  also called Real Time Business Intelligence (RTBI), has taken a back seat to visual and self-service BI tools like Tableau, QlikView and Power BI. While these tools are powerful, they don’t cover all the use cases for BI. Their focus is on the tactical and strategic ends of the BI spectrum (shown below).

Real Time BI What about Operational BI?

What are the approaches and tools involved? How do you do it right?

Operational BI

Traditionally, Operational BI projects have not realized their full potential because they ignored the weakest link in the decision cycle: the human.

Expecting humans to take decisions at the speed and accuracy needed for Operational scenarios is  not smart. You will lose money and likely fail.

The smartest companies are doing it differently. They are combining Operational BI with Enterprise Decision Management to solve this problem. Learn about this and more in the following webinar, Moving from Business Intelligence to Better Decisions.

To learn more about Operational BI, Real Time Big Data Analytics or Decision Management, please contact us.

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