Peak Performance and Mariner Spyglass Announce New Partnership

January 21, 2019 | Mariner

Denise Rice, President and owner of Peak Performance, and Philip W. Morris, CEO and co-founder of Mariner, announced a partnership between the two companies today. Based on their shared mission to enable manufacturers to achieve operational excellence through continuous improvement and digital transformation, Peak Performance and Mariner will provide their customers with consulting, training, and technology solutions.   

Peak Performance is a strategic consulting and workforce development training company specializing in Operational Excellence and Industrial Skills Training, serving manufacturers across the country from their headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. For the past two years, Peak Performance has empowered their customers, manufacturers such as WACKER, Bayer, Yamaha and La-Z-Boy, to transform their operational strategy through comprehensive, sustainable solutions in people and processes.

Mariner is an Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things solutions company that enables manufacturers – large and small – with the data and insights they need to rapidly reduce downtime, improve product quality, and manage asset reliability. Built on the idea that starting small, thinking big, and going fast is the most effective way to gain value from an IIoT investment, Mariner has been selected by manufacturers renowned for operational excellence to improve their manufacturing capacity.  

The partnership between Peak Performance and Mariner brings together the expertise of the deeply experienced trainers and consultants at Peak Performance with the manufacturing analytics solutions of Spyglass so that manufacturers can address the three critical aspects of improving operational excellence: people, processes, and technology.

Industry 4.0 is rapidly transforming manufacturing as automation and the collaboration between humans and machines generates more productivity and capacity. Peak Performance and Mariner are helping manufacturers create and sustain advantages in the market place by addressing new challenges, such as:

  • The aging of the workforce as experienced engineers and operators retire and new workers need to be recruited and trained
  • Keeping pace with emerging, digital technologies that are driving Industry 4.0
  • The risk of multi-year projects and capital-intensive investments without a clear view of return

Denise Rice elaborates, “the manufacturing industry must be able to provide well-rounded solutions to be successful in today’s global economy. Our partnership will be able to provide comprehensive resources that meet the people, process and technology needs of today’s manufacturers. Peak Performance has been advising customers for many years that they need data to improve their operational excellence. Mariner provides a product that fits that guidance.”

Mariner's Phil Morris continues “that having data is not enough. It needs to be transformed into actionable insights and presented to production teams who know how to respond quickly and effectively. Our partnership with Peak Performance provides a complete operational excellence solution to innovative manufacturers.”

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