Free Deep Learning 30-Day Proof of Value Program for Manufacturers

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Phil Morris
CEO, Mariner

Mariner Announces Free Deep Learning Proof of Value Program for Manufacturers

Charlotte, NC

Mariner, a leading global Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions provider focused on reducing manufacturers’ cost of quality, has launched its new no-risk, no-obligation 30-Day Proof of Value program for its Spyglass Visual Inspection solution. Spyglass Visual Inspection, or SVI, uses Deep Learning AI technology and machine vision systems to dramatically improve the accuracy of production line defect detection. Improved defect detection is an important part of reducing manufacturing costs, both because it lowers the amount of defective product reaching customers – “escapes,” in industry parlance – and because it also prevents product that is not actually defective from being needlessly scrapped or re-worked.

The Manufacturing Need for Proof of Value

Phil Morris, Mariner’s CEO, explains why Mariner has launched the 30-Day Proof of Value program.

“As more and more manufacturers look to Digital Transformation initiatives to remain competitive, it’s important to them that they can see value at each step along the way,” said Morris. “The Deep Learning AI that powers our Spyglass Visual Inspection solution brings that value. We’ve seen ROI numbers with our customers that range anywhere from 30X to 60X, which is astounding to most people.”

“And we’re so confident that we can demonstrate that value, and demonstrate it so quickly, that we’re now offering this 30-Day Proof of Value to qualified manufacturers: Give us a business decision maker and the data we need to build the Deep Learning model for SVI, and in less than 30 days we’ll build you the AI model and show you the results you can achieve – and at no cost or obligation to you if you don’t like the results.”

To learn more, contact, or visit the Spyglass Visual Inspection 30-Day Proof of Value registration page.

About Mariner

Mariner is Microsoft’s (MSFT) 2020 Partner of the Year for IoT and a member of Intel’s (INTC) IoT Solutions Alliance. Their Industrial IoT solutions, including Spyglass Visual Inspection, are focused on reducing the cost of quality for manufacturers around the world. Learn more at



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