Intelligently minimize defects and reduce costs

Spyglass Visual Inspection harnesses the power of AI, IIoT, and image recognition to help manufacturers improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with manufacturing flaws.

Effectively addressing quality concerns is critical in manufacturing

AI helps drive improved defect detection and better business outcomes:

  • 10-15% of total operating costs often associated with poor quality product (Forbes, 2018)
  • 1/3 of manufacturing executives now identify AI-driven technologies
    as crucial to driving customer satisfaction (Forbes, 2018)
  • $3.7 Trillion - the value that McKinsey forecasts AI-powered “smart factories” will generate by 2025.

What is Spyglass Visual Inspection?

Spyglass Visual Inspection is a rapid time-to-value QA optimization solution for manufacturers of any scale. It is designed to:

  • Quickly and accurately detect defects so that action can be taken to reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction
  • Drive continuous quality improvement by enabling greater visibility with a bird’s eye view of product quality across multiple lines or facilities so you can proactively improve processes.
  • Use predictive analytics to proactively improve quality processes and perform root cause analysis
  • Implement and ramp-up quickly ensuring a rapid return on your investment
  • Augment your existing vision system (if you have one) to gain additional ROI on that investment
  • Use a lean approach to implementing AI and IIoT so that you control costs and gain value at every stage.

Global glass manufacturer saves over $4M annually with Spyglass Visual Inspection

A global automotive glass manufacturer is using Spyglass Visual Inspection today as their comprehensive platform for defect detection, prediction, and analysis. Their challenge was that they needed more accurate defect detection in their glass cutting process to reduce false positives from their vision system that resulted in high monetary losses of $30/unit over 40 production lines. They were looking for a solution that would use custom vision, image recognition, and machine learning to more accurately detect defects at high speed and in large volume. With Spyglass Visual Inspection, they are already achieving over $1 million in quarterly savings.

Where can I learn more?

You can review our resources page. We'd love to connect to learn more about your quality initiatives and how we could help. Connect with us here.

How do I get started? The easiest way is with a no-risk, Spyglass Visual Inspection 30-Day Proof of Value.

Every manufacturer is different and every defect detection requirement is unique. It's critical to determine quickly that Spyglass Visual Inspection is the right fit to meet your quality goals and match your operating conditions. We'll start with a risk-free Proof of Value engagement to get you up and running with image formation and labeling -- and we'll even loan you the hardware and software, if you need it -- and then our data scientists will use Deep Learning AI to train the machine learning model accordingly. For most customers, the Proof of Value stage can be completed in 30 days -- and if we can't demonstrate success, you're under no obligation to proceed. Then, we'll Operationalize the solution in your factories using Spyglass as the platform to implement your customized visual inspection solution. Finally, we will Maintain and Improve the Machine Learning Model. On a quarterly basis, we will meet with your quality teams and help the model learn from any mistakes it has made. In this way, the accuracy will continue to improve over time.

Ready to find out more? Connect with us here.