It’s Summer again for Decision Management!

The world’s brightest minds in Decision Management convened at Decision Camp in San Jose a few days ago.  Charles Forgy, the inventor of the Rete algorithm, Neil Raden, James Taylor and a host of other big name speakers were in attendance.

Carole-Ann Matignon, the CEO of Sparkling Logic, spoke about “Big Data vs. Big Knowledge.”  During one of the interactive sessions, an audience member asked her an interesting question. “Why hasn’t Decision Management taken off like analytics and BI?”

Carole-Ann gave a thoughtful response providing some historical context of Expert Systems, Rules Engines and how things have evolved over the years. She went on to say, “After a bleak winter, it’s summer again for Decision Management . The market is no longer asking why use Decision

Shash Hegde at Decison Camp
Shash presenting at Decision Camp

Management – like they were 5 years ago. Now it’s more about comparing vendor offerings and selecting the best match.”

In that regard, I am a bit skeptical whether the rest of the country is keeping pace with Silicon Valley and the West Coast, but I agree that things have changed. It’s no longer winter.  The trend towards business user empowerment has caused forward-looking customers to jump in.  Mariner was invited to present a solution we are building for a local company. Carole-Ann blogged about it here.

One thought on “It’s Summer again for Decision Management!

  1. Shash, thanks again for joining us at Decision CAMP. It was a pleasure having you. I loved your presentation!

    I do agree that Decision Management adoption is only budding. There is a huge potential market that needs to be made aware of the technologies.

    What is extremely encouraging is the fact that users now have more educated questions when we first meet. A decade ago, we had to start at the very beginning and contrast how the Rete algorithm compared to database procedures. Now it is mostly about the characteristics of each different system. This is a significant progress!

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