Manufacturing – Delivery Dashboard »

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The manufacturer wanted to increase their sales and delivery effectiveness and needed to access data in many data sources to enable analytics and reporting. Mariner's solution resulted in straightforward dashboards that could be used to improve...

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Operational BI: How to do it right »

In recent years, “Operational BI”,  also called Real Time Business Intelligence (RTBI), has taken a back seat to visual and self-service BI tools like Tableau, QlikView and Power BI. While these tools are powerful,...Read More →

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Why “Big Data” is Causing Enterprise Impotence and How to Cure it »

Saying that data is exploding is like saying the sun rises in the east. It is self evident. Even though “big data” is a horribly ambiguous term, it’s worth mentioning that every enterprise is dealing with their...Read More →

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The future of Information Management: Big Data Analytic DW »

Big Data Analytic Decision Warehouse anyone? Data warehousing (DW), decision management (DM), analytics, and business process management (BPM) have been around for a while. Other closely related disciplines like business activity...Read More →

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