Midmarket and IoT – The Time is Now: Part II »

In part one of this series, I made a case for IoT in the midmarket.  With the convergence of lower cost sensors, ubiquitous broadband, the availability of elastic cloud-based services and lower cost software, the affordability...Read More →

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decision management

From Report Management to Decision Management »

Before fulfilling that request for a new report . . . Delve deeper. What’s the purpose of the report? What decisions does it support? What process does the decision maker follow to arrive at a decision? Is all the information...Read More →

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digital business

Digital Business – The Wave and The Tsunami »

In 2013, we started turning our attention and  skills toward helping our mid-market customers become digital businesses. Going beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics, we have been designing, developing and executing...Read More →

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ABT Launches Predictive Maintenance App from Mariner »

Announcing the Launch of Predictive Maintenance System At the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference sponsored by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in Florida today, ABT Power Management announced...Read More →

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The ROI of Machine Learning »

Assuming you are data rich but information poor, machine learning could be a good investment, but not all machine learning (ML) dollars are equal. Predictive model testing can calculate how much ‘lift,’ i.e., the gross benefit...Read More →

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Digital Business: Download our free white paper »

You may have seen some information from about Digital Business on our website. We’ve just published a white paper on the topic that provides much more detail. The Back Story on Digital Business Digital business combines...Read More →

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What is Digital Business? »

Digital Business brings strategic and economic value by reducing cycle times, improving consistency, and improving customer service are the best candidates for modernization. These processes can be made almost frictionless by...Read More →

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When is a project successful? »

Project success as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is based on managing the triple constraint, AKA the iron triangle of cost, scope and schedule. (PMBOK – well it was in the 2008 edition). Criterion...Read More →

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Decision Management helps beverage distributors with fleet ROI calculations »

Fleet Operations Although beverage distributor fleets can be very diverse, there are some constants, one of which is their trucks usually return to base every 24 hours. Returning home each night offers even more choices in what...Read More →

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Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing – Sales Intelligence »

One of our clients is a manufacturing company that uses innovation and technology to effectively lead and compete globally in the automotive industry. Recently, Mariner helped them leverage data to support decisions made in...Read More →

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It’s Summer again for Decision Management! »

The world’s brightest minds in Decision Management convened at Decision Camp in San Jose a few days ago.  Charles Forgy, the inventor of the Rete algorithm, Neil Raden, James Taylor and a host of other big name speakers...Read More →

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The Transformation Challenge for CFOs and their Teams »

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation given by Mark Stull, the CFO and VP of Corporate Development at Liberty Hardware Manufacturing Corporation, a Masco company.  The presentation was entitled, “Functional...Read More →

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