Azure Machine Learning

Should We Send the Azure Machine Learning Model to Market? »

The life cycle of a machine learning (ML) model can be as familiar as a software development project or an engineering project. At a macro level, they all start with a measurable objective, some idea of how to achieve it, a prototyping...Read More →

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Train, Hire or Partner? Do you really need a Data Scientist? »

“The only thing that is constant is change.” That’s from Greek philosopher Heraclitus about  2500 years ago (yes, I had to look up who said it). Data Scientists often use this quote as a reminder that what allowed them...Read More →

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Machine Learning – How big should your data be? »

 “The guy with the most data wins.”  ​– Tim O’Reilly, Founder, O’Reilly Media.    “Every aspect of Microsoft’s business is being fundamentally transformed because of data. And...Read More →

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