Part 2: Should we Send the Azure Machine Learning Model to Market? »

The previous post concentrated on deciding if a categorical Machine Learning model should be released for production or not. This post concentrates on interpreting the scores of a regression model and the implication in using...Read More →

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Decision Management

From Device Data to Actionable Intelligence using Azure and SMARTS »

What is the biggest bottleneck for the Internet of Things (IoT) to be successful? Here’s a clue for you: It’s no different than the biggest bottleneck for “Big Data.” And no, it’s not the infrastructure challenges....Read More →

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Digital Business Decision Automation

The Mid-Market Digital Business Imperative »

This isn’t going to be one of those “if you don’t do digital business now, you’ll most likely be dead by the morning.”  But . . . there is tons of evidence that strongly suggests you cannot be complacent, hunker...Read More →

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Get Started with Industrial Internet of Things in 4 Easy Steps »

Opportunity for Factories IoT is one of the hottest trending topics today. You can’t open a business or technology publication without finding an array of articles predicting the impact that this technology tsunami will have...Read More →

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Guaranteed Power

Predictive Maintenance with IoT in the Midmarket »

ABT Offers Guaranteed Power to its Customers. Mariner has been fortunate to collaborate with some good people with interesting business problems. One in particular is ABT Power Management in Greensboro, NC.  ABT provides solutions...Read More →

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microsoft azure IoT

How to Solve IoT’s Biggest Bottleneck using Azure and SMARTS »

What is the biggest bottleneck for the Internet of Things (IoT) to be successful? Clue: It’s no different than the biggest bottleneck for “Big Data.” And no, it’s not the infrastructure challenges. Any other guesses? Well,...Read More →

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Automated Decision Management as a Strategic Asset in the Digital Era »

To my knowledge, ABT Power Management’s leadership team did not read the book, Leading Digital, when they applied a decision management system using IoT data from battery sensors to their business processes. But their actions...Read More →

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decision management

From Report Management to Decision Management »

Before fulfilling that request for a new report . . . Delve deeper. What’s the purpose of the report? What decisions does it support? What process does the decision maker follow to arrive at a decision? Is all the information...Read More →

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Microsoft’s new Azure Data Factory »

Azure Data Factory, now in preview, enables you to process on-premises data like SQL Server, together with cloud data, like Azure SQL Database, Blobs, Big Data and Tables.  Jesse Kraut, a Mariner Data Analytics Consultant who...Read More →

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What is Digital Business? »

Digital Business brings strategic and economic value by reducing cycle times, improving consistency, and improving customer service are the best candidates for modernization. These processes can be made almost frictionless by...Read More →

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Operational BI: How to do it right »

In recent years, “Operational BI”,  also called Real Time Business Intelligence (RTBI), has taken a back seat to visual and self-service BI tools like Tableau, QlikView and Power BI. While these tools are powerful,...Read More →

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3 Ways to Avoid Digital Disruption »

“Study the past if you would define the future” – Confucius Since the year 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 have been replaced by newer companies and upstarts according to Constellation Research. Pause and think...Read More →

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