Decision Management helps beverage distributors with fleet ROI calculations »

Fleet Operations Although beverage distributor fleets can be very diverse, there are some constants, one of which is their trucks usually return to base every 24 hours. Returning home each night offers even more choices in what...Read More →

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Data Democratization Part 2 »

Democratizing Data – A Journey (Part 2) In Part 1 of this blog, I talked about the journey toward better decisions, faster.  Democratizing data is a scenic vista along the journey that needs to be encountered to appreciate. ...Read More →

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How to avoid calculating an ROI for your analytics project »

There is an embarrassment of options for justifying the investment in an analytics solution, yet so few ROI models exhibit the correct combination of Kevlar and Teflon needed to survive the Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank experience....Read More →

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Calculating the ROI of an analytics project »

Business Intelligence, or analytics solutions, if you prefer, are notoriously difficult to calculate an ROI on. The investment calculation of an analytics project has all the same cost/investment variables of a regular IT project....Read More →

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