Webinar-IoT: Creating Business Value in Manufacturing

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Cummins Power Generation and Microsoft for a webinar, IoT Creating Business Value in Manufacturing.

In the webinar, Sanjay Ravi explained that industry 4.0 had arrived and included examples from the event in Hannover he participated in.

Rahul Garg explained that Azure IoT Suite allows organizations to connect with scale and efficiency to analyze and act to ultimately transform an organization’s processes.

IoT: A Practical Example

A very practical example of the transformational properties Internet of Things can have on an organization was presented by Greg Knowd a Solutions Architect from Cummins Power Generation. Greg and his team transformed the Cummins Standby Power Business with their IoT service, Power Command Cloud. As Greg explained:

“It gave us ways of connecting with our customers that we could never get before . . . People really viewed us as more than just a piece of metal that sits out back of their buildings and now as a highly connected innovative product.”

Cummins have thousands of generators deployed worldwide and follow the stereotypical IoT case study of a giant company supporting their high-value global products and using Internet of Things to remain ahead of their competition.

IoT in the Mid-Market

I had the opportunity to describing how four mid-market, privately-held companies are also using IoT to remain ahead in their field.

If you would like to learn more, log on and watch for yourself. And if you have any questions, contact my colleagues and me at info@mariner-usa.com.

Manufacturing.Net IoT Webinar

Peter Darragh

Peter Darragh

Vice President of Delivery at Mariner
In his business development capacity Peter helps executives evaluate the impact digital investments can have on their business models and operations. In his delivery role, he manages the teams that apply their data integration, analytics, process automation and machine learning expertise to make our customers digital masters.

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