What is Digital Business?

Digital Business brings strategic and economic value by reducing cycle times, improving consistency, and improving customer service are the best candidates for modernization.

These processes can be made almost frictionless by employing complex event processing, decision/rules engines, analytic repositories and work management systems.  Processes that make the best candidates for modernization are processes that:

  • Occur in great volume
  • Require consistency
  • Benefit from rapid response times

Applying decision management, business intelligence, predictive analytics, work management and process design, Mariner collaborates with customers to modernize critical business processes reducing cycle times, improving accuracy, capturing opportunities and reducing costs but most importantly, creating strategic advantage.

Detect -> Decide-> Act

Ordinarily, the infrastructure costs of a modern business application can soar into the stratosphere making it economical for only the largest companies. Mariner has assembled a suite of best-in-class components in a cloud configuration that can be deployed for a small fraction of the cost.  Using Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure along with specialized components such as Internet of Things (IoT) for sensor or device data, Machine Learning for predictive analytics and Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS decision management / rules engine solution, Mariner can modernize a critical business process quickly and economically.

Mariner has created two related, digital business platforms that are both very similar. The first platform represented, is our general purpose platform for digital business. This platform is appropriate for business processes in which the process trigger originates from a transactional system, a web form or some other document such as receiving an order, a customer service request, an invoice, an insurance claim, etc.

BPM Azure


An alternate version of our business process modernization platform is architected specifically for situations in which the process trigger originates from devices and/or sensors. This would be an example of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution represented in the illustration below:


BPM with IoT

Phil Morris
There's nothing Phil enjoys more than helping customers create game-changing solutions to their business problems. He's especially enthusiastic about developing digital business programs that converge business strategy with digital technology to improve customer experience, optimize business operations and develop new business models. Phil is happiest when he's meeting with customers, listening to their stories and digging in and helping. Phil oversees the strategy, business development and finance departments at Mariner, staying focused on new trends in business and technology. Away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids and grand kids, crafting award-winning beer and playing guitar in a blues band.
Phil Morris

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