What’s old is new again – and still difficult

Years ago we helped a large insurance company get detailed financial reports out of their SAP® system. We worked diligently to package up detailed, monthly financial reports for their C-level executives. It was an arduous, challenging project but the desired results were achieved.

Fast forward 8 years and guess what? SAP is still not analytics-friendly.

In fact Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms describes SAP as falling short as a BI platform noting:

  • SAP’s BI “customer experience” rating is the worst in the survey for the fifth consecutive year.
  • SAP ‘s BI functionality is below average in every one of 14 categories including performance, cost, and roadmap confusion.
  • SAP is ranked extremely high for BI “Completeness of Vision” but significantly lower for “Ability to Execute.”

In other words, SAP is a leading ERP system, but becomes a road block to enterprise-wide decision support. And Gartner is not the only one acknowledging this still looming problem.

In Aberdeen Group ‘s 2012 research paper,” Get More for Your Money: Get more Insight from SAP,” notes that, “SAP is BI-deficient and successful companies layer BI tools on top of SAP . . . Organizations with just BI have better access to management information than organizations that have ERP alone. However, bringing these two classes of technologies together to provide a solution is more powerful still . . .”

Are you still struggling with SAP? We’ve heard from several companies that they are and would we’d love to hear how you are dealing with unlocking SAP data for better analysis and business performance.

And if you do need some help, we are available and have really streamlined the process. Learn more at www.mariner-usa.com/sap.

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