IoT in Manufacturing

IoT for All is a leading technology media platform and trusted voice for IoT where professionals, newcomers, and experts share insights, knowledge, and experience for the betterment of the whole IoT ecosystem.  They contacted Mariner, Microsoft’s 2020 IoT Partner of the Year, to be included in an article featuring pertinent IoT webinars.  It features our webinar that we hosted with WardsAuto in September.

Director of Azure IoT Marketing at Microsoft

We are excited to announce that the full article by Justin Slade, “No Time Like the Present:  Why Forward-Thinking Businesses are Adopting IoT Solutions”, is now published.  Justin is Director of Azure IoT Marketing at Microsoft, and it's a great read. Check it out here.

IoT is continuing to shape every industry imaginable. Businesses need to know how to adopt it to stay ahead. Mariner’s Spyglass Visual Inspection solution uses Deep Learning and IoT on the edge and in the cloud to dramatically enhance machine vision defect defection.

Contact us if you think our Spyglass Visual Inspection solution can work for you!  We also offer a 30-Day PoV to get you started.