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A  relatively new community bank had been growing by both acquisition and traditional customer expansion.  However, the organization had been experiencing difficulty maintaining visibility across multiple data platforms and this was beginning to negatively affect customer service and new customer development.  Mariner built a solution that integrated multiple data sources including their CRM system, Salesforce, to:

  • Provide an instant 360° view of the client
  • Improve sales processes
  • Establish a system of record for referrals
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities and increase revenue
  • Improve customer-focused planning and analysis


Technologies: SQL Server, Power View, Office, SharePoint   Industry: Financial/Banking

Our Work Included:

  • Creating an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to consolidate customer, product and account information
  • Integrating data from disparate data sources, including Salesforce into the EDW
  • Improving data quality and establishing a single version of the truth
  • Implemented a data quality mechanic (Microsoft’s DQS) which allowed for implementation of complex data cleansing and scrubbing capabilities.

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