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A manufacturing company wanted to develop a data warehouse to get more detailed analysis of their financial health.  However, they lacked the budget and and SSIS skills to develop the data warehouse. In addition, they wanted to establish a foundation for gaining bettter insight into billings and orders.  Instead of doing traditional, hand-coded ETL, the company’s IT leader expressed an interest in the TimeXtender accelerator to save time and money. However, she and her team were a bit skeptical about the ability of TimeXtender to speed up delivery of the solution and connect easily to SAP.

To address this concern, we set up a 3-day proof-of-concept to show how TimeXtender would work using their data.  Within just a few hours we were able to prove that using TimeXtender would:

  • Reduce ETL costs significantly
  • Increase speed of OLAP cubes and data warehouse development dramatically
  • Support best practices  for ETL, cube and data warehouse design
  • Support the Kimball methodology of dimensional modeling
  • Foster the design of star schemas faster


Technologies: SQL Server, TimeXtender   Industry: Manufacturing

Our Work Included:

  • Conducting a proof of concept using TimeXtender
  • Extracting data from the SAP tables and move the data into SQL Server 2012
  • Conducting a walkthrough to demonstrate the findings of the POC and answer questions
  • Moving forward with the data warehouse development project

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