IoT Predictive Maintenance

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Mariner worked with the customer to develop a predictive maintenance solution to handle its customers’ motive power needs . This IoT solution, deployed completely in Azure, enables the motive power company to reduce its customers’ power spend while improving productivity levels.The company had a vision to become the market leader by automating decisions generally made by engineering staff and account managers.  A key roadblock to this goal was the time involved in monitoring the devices and manually analyzing the data to implement engineered solutions.  To overcome this,  we helped them design a system to read events from the monitoring devices attached to their managed assets, and make decisions regarding the appropriate action to take in response to those events. The solution helps the company:


  • Use a common syntax for all events
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Improve customer service
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue


Technologies: SQL Server, Sparkling Logic SMARTS   Industry: Power Management

Our Work Included:

  • Developing a collection architecture to capture events from dissimilar monitoring devices, IOT, and stage the data in a common database.
  • Transforming the dissimilar data into conformed facts and dimensions so that all of the events are viewed using a common syntax.
  • Implementing a decision engine to read the conformed events across all managed devices and implement engineering expertise automatically to determine what actions to take, if any.
  • Setting up an alert system to notify service techs of events that need immediate attention and account managers of customer compliance issues
  • Designing a dashboard that reports daily, weekly, and monthly on the effectiveness of the decision engine

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