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Microsoft eBook: Real-time Industrial Product Inspection

Decreasing defects, eliminating false rejects, and increasing customer satisfaction

SVI is helping to create Industry 4.0 with its Deep Learning QC technology, with 30X improvements in false reject rates experienced in production environments.

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  • Why defects in manufacturing are a persistent challenge
  • The architecture and cloud integration of Spyglass Visual Inspection (SVI)
  • The key benefits of SVI’s Deep Learning and Machine Vision solution for manufacturers
  • SVI Case Study: Automotive glass manufacturer
  • SVI Case Study: Automotive fabric manufacturer

Deep Learning Machine Vision is Disrupting the Manufacturing Sector

This eBook examines machine vision, Deep Learning, and its application to machine vision systems, as well as provides an example of how Intel technology powers such a system in the real world from the edge to the Cloud and back again.

Why machine vision?

As an aid in quality control and quality assurance, machine vision has been used for decades in the manufacturing sector for general automation and to spot defective parts or product as it makes its way through the manufacturing process.

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The Problem with Machine Vision

Although machine vision used in this capacity has indeed improved quality control, the percentage of falsely rejected or diverted product stemming from machine vision misclassification remains high.

Why Deep Learning is a True Disruptor

Deep Learning – a true disruptor in machine learning / neural network technology – provides the capability for lowering false rejects by moving machine vision analytical processes based on

One of our automotive clients has reduced false reject rates...

From 34% to 1.4%, saving $2 million annually


Download the eBook and see how Machine Vision, Deep Learning, and the Spyglass Visual Inspection system make it possible

Is Seeing Believing? Watch the Video and See for Yourself

Want a quick overview of how SVI is using Deep Learning to disrupt machine vision for manufacturers, and to help usher in Industry 4.0? Watch this quick video:

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