Our roots in data integration, data warehousing, predictive analytics and automated decision management are the building blocks to transform your business into a digital business by adding the cumulative affect big data, cloud, predictive analytics, decision management, IoT and mobile technologies.

Mariner helps aspiring companies apply these technologies that we take for granted in our personal lives to orchestrate business processes to create compelling customer experiences, improve operations and reinvent business models.

Using a digital business enablement platform created in Microsoft Azure, Mariner provides an accelerated path to digital mastery that is secure, scalable, available and economical. Mariner is a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in Data Analytics, Data Platform and Intelligence Systems Service.

advanced analyticsOrganizations like yours are eager to make advanced analytics accessible to more users and expand the insight into the business. The tsunami of digital business technologies, big data, social, mobile, analytics and cloud, and the lowering costs of these technologies, make it much more feasible for companies to act and succeed. Furthermore, Alexander Linden, research director at Gartner notes, “Rather than being the domain of a few select groups (for example, marketing, risk), many more business functions now have a legitimate interest in this capability to help foster better decision making and improved business outcomes.” Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence, their advanced analytics suite, enables all of your employees and stakeholders to analyze your business and customer data to pro-actively suggest helpful actions, trends and insights. By becoming increasingly helpful through the ability to learn and draw connections between data and intelligent actions, Cortana Intelligence allows your employees to evolve from simple descriptive analytics to prescriptive recommendations.

iotIoT generates continuous streams of information that are then analyzed and used to trigger transactions, workflows and business processes. The data originates from machine to machine data, devices and sensors. Using Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure along with specialized components such as the Internet of Things (IoT) for sensor or device data, Machine Learning for predictive analytics and Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS decision management and business rules engine solution, Mariner helps aspiring companies become digital businesses. Ordinarily, the infrastructure costs of digital businesses can soar into the stratosphere making it economical for only the largest companies. Mariner has assembled a suite of best-in-class components in a cloud configuration that can be deployed for a small fraction of the cost for businesses of all sizes.

Check out Spyglass, our IoT Solution.

machine-learning MlMachine learning is a discipline that allows us to leverage computing power to combat the volume and velocity of the incoming flood of information. Machine Learning is not a tangible piece of software or equipment, though we seem to want to touch it, feel it, click it. It is a process. Machine learning allows us to build data models as data comes in and then change them as even more data comes in. Plus, it can test many types of models and pick the best one based on criteria that you select. Even the best data scientists cannot outperform an automated computing machine nor handle large chunks of proliferating an incredibly fast rate. Azure Machine Learning is designed to apply machine learning, enabling us to deploy your model in minutes, as a fully managed web service that can connect to any data, anywhere. That is when the full power of machine learning is truly unleashed. As your needs change, the model can be easily updated and put it back into production, while still being able to revisit previous results.

predictive-analyticsMany of us are used to reviewing historical information to make decisions about today. But digital masters are anticipating the future by moving toward real-time predictive management and outperforming their competitors. Many start by incorporating forecasting ability into routine operations, while other are using predictive analytics to automate decisions for faster customer service and responsiveness to changes in market trends.

decision-managementIf you make decisions –high volume, operational decisions – you absolutely must explore Decision Management. Decision Management is not just a technology but a way of thinking about a problem. It’s about realizing that insight is not enough; action is needed. It is the understanding that all decisions can be managed and many of them can be automated. Ultimately the goal is to continually improve decision making, not simply to automate existing ones. When part of an overall digital business strategy, decision management becomes the catalyst for constant evolution and refinement of your business.

Mariner has selected Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS decision management tool as our business rules engine and we integrate SMARTS into a SQL Server-based data warehouse environment. SMARTS is a next-generation decision management tool that significantly reduces the need for complex upfront modeling and abstraction so that business users can quickly start capturing decision logic in the context of data. SMARTS allows cloud-based processing or on-premises processing. It allows interactive rule discovery using a visual interface that reduces the learning curve.

business-intelligenceBusiness intelligence can be viewed as the foundation of an agile, responsive, leading digital business platform. While you may never see the underlying data warehouse, data integration processes or reports, a business intelligence solution can be the critical building block to unlock data gathered from all of your sources, so that you can create compelling customer experiences, exploit the core of business operations and reinvent business models. And if you already have a business intelligence solution, you are one step closer to using digital business strategies to power your company past your competition, even those industry Goliaths.

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