“The solution is so effective that ABT can now offer its customers a 30 percent savings on power costs.”
~Ken Fearn, ABT’s President, CEO and Mariner Customer [Read the Full Story]

IoT Solutions for Manufacturing - Spyglass Connected Factory

While you’re reading this, one of your production lines may be warning you of an imminent failure. Are you listening?

Spyglass listens to machines and speaks to you, unlocking productivity gains that improve profitability, beats the competition and earns that bonus you know you deserve.

Within 4 weeks, Spyglass will monitor your manufacturing equipment in real-time, so you can have your best day every day while avoiding your worst.

Quality Assurance in manufacturing is critical and the risk to your business from poor quality is substantial. Are you able to detect and reduce defects in real time?

Spyglass Visual Inspection intelligently minimizes defects and reduces the costs associated with manufacturing flaws. It harnesses the power of image recognition, artificial intelligence and IoT to automate defect detection and determine the root cause of issues.

In less than 60 days, Spyglass can be implemented using cameras or vision systems already installed on the factory floor.

IoT Solutions for Manufacturing - Spyglass Connected Product

It’s possible your customers are being courted away by your competitors. Differentiating yourselves and your products, while delivering exceptional quality helps. Are your products designed to help you do that?

Spyglass listens to your products and speaks to you unlocking the ability to provide exceptional customer service and capturing valuable usage data so your products maintain your competitive edge.

Within 4 weeks, Spyglass will monitor your products in real-time so you can have your best day every day​ while avoiding your worst.

Data Warehousing & Advanced Analytics

Organizations like yours are eager to make advanced analytics accessible to more users and expand the insight into the business. The tsunami of digital business technologies, big data, social, mobile, analytics and cloud, and the lowering costs of these technologies, make it much more feasible for companies to act and succeed. More business functions now have a legitimate interest in this capability to help foster better decision making and improved business outcomes. Using Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence, we help enable your employees and stakeholders to analyze your business and customer data to pro-actively suggest helpful actions, trends and insights.

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